Savona Industry and Culture

Savona Industry and Culture

Savona is the most important port and industrial centre of the Riviera Ponente. It's original nucleus is the Fort of Priamar, which was already a seaside fortified area at the time of the ligurian Sabazi peoples, then a roman stronghold, a byzantine stronghold and eventually a Genovese fortress.

Savona was capital of the roman Marca Aleramica and, after 1000 was a port and flourishing market because of its nearness to the pass of Cadibona.

The walled medieval city grew towards the seaside and the towards the Letimbro stream in the 12th century, and then again in the succeeding century.

In addition to Priamar, the other points of interest include the Brandale tower and the medieval palazzi, the cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta and the art gallery.

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